We offer both in-person and online yoga retreats. These immersive experiences are designed to deepen your practice, rejuvenate your spirit, and connect you with a supportive community.

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Our retreats are designed to provide you with space, and guidance, and to deepen your journey of self-discovery.

In-Person Yoga Retreat

Join us for a weekend of tranquility and self-discovery at La ferme du Bois-le-Comte, nestled in the beautiful Belgian countryside.

Starting From $75

Online Yoga Retreat

Our Online Home Sanctuary Retreat allows you to experience the benefits of a yoga retreat from the comfort of your own home.

Starting From $48

Family Yoga Retreat

Our Family Yoga Retreat provides a unique opportunity to bond with your family while exploring yoga.

Starting From $40

Mommy & Me Retreat

This retreat focuses on postnatal recovery and baby-friendly yoga practices to strengthen the mommy-baby bond.

Starting From $64

Yin Yoga Retreat

Explore the calming, restorative practice of Yin Yoga. This retreat focuses on meditative practices that target deeper tissues of the body.

Starting From $40

Yoga Nidra Retreat

This retreat is designed to introduce you to the practice of “yogic sleep” and its benefits on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Starting From $48

Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Join our Yoga & Wellness Retreat for a holistic approach to well-being. This retreat includes workshops on nutrition and mindful living.

Starting From $75
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We look forward to welcoming you to our Be Connected Yoga community and joining you on your journey towards greater balance, peace, and joy.

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